So, what does a band do during a pandemic? Well that really is the million-dollar question. If you’d asked us six months ago, we wouldn’t have had a clue, but now, we’re in a much better position to tell you, well what we, The Faith Healers, have done. We can’t speak for everyone.

Much of lockdown we’ve been unable to rehearse and we’ve watched as gig after gig has been cancelled. This is really sad when you love playing live, but it is what it is and we’ve got it much better than some. So, rather than mope around letting the grass grow under our feet, we’ve been taking full advantage of modern technology; learning, writing and recording new songs remotely, building websites and working on our social media presence. When we are allowed to play together again, much of it will be new and fresh, for us, and our audience.

More recently, as restrictions have lifted we have been able to rehearse. There are only four of us, and as the government’s guidelines clearly state “four people can gather together with instruments on every second Tuesday if they each have a potato in their pocket, their bubble has not burst and they’re not in tiers”.

We did actually manage to play an outdoor gig too. We froze our bits off in order to say goodbye to Stewart (our retiring drummer). If we hadn’t been able to do that it would have been a dreadful send off for him, so thanks to the Black Horse in East Hanney for allowing us to do that.

Our latest rehearsals have been spent introducing Nicole (new drummer) to our existing set and trying out new numbers including: Toxic – Britney Spears, Hero – Michael Kiwanuka, Just Kissed My Baby – John Cleary, Sitting Wishing Waiting – Jack Johnson and Insatiable by Aynsley Lister. Of course we’ve added our very own and unique stylings to these.

It’s been said many times and by many people that “these are very strange times!” We, like everyone else, are doing what we can with the “new normal”. Hopefully one day, in the not too distant future, you’ll get to see the fruits of our labours. But for now we’ll just have to keep singing the Pandemic Blues.

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