A wise man once said “The only constant in life is change” and that is what we bring you today. You may remember a few months back we posted that we were looking for a new drummer to replace our marvellous manic metronome Stewart, as he heads for pastures new. Well our search is over and we’d formally like to introduce, and welcome to the fold, our new fabulous funkmeistress Faith Healer, Nicole.

So what does she bring to the party? Well apart from a bottle of Buckfast and half eaten Cheese & Pickle sandwich, Nicole has added an unapologetic funky feel to everything we do. It is rumoured she was kidnapped by Bernard Purdie for a couple of weeks, while he toured the UK in the late 70s, but for legal reasons, this is only a rumour.

It can be confirmed that she’s also no slouch. In the short time she’s been on board she’s already started adding rhythm to the demo tracks we’re working on. That’s something for you to look forward to. We’re certainly looking forward to playing with her.

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