“Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been a lovely audience, I’d just like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our fabulous band…”

Mark M
Vocals, Guitar & Blues Harp

With axe in hand and mic at lips, Mark is a formidable talent. Well known throughout the music industry for his epic 12 minute solos, he's an unstoppable force for good in a less than savoury world. He used to be indecisive, but now he’s not sure.

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A cool, calm, gallic heart beats in the chest of our warrior like bassist. Often heard uttering the words "sacre bleu" under her breath her pounding bass lines underpin everything we do. Can often be seen coiffing a pint of Beaujolais Nouveau at the end of gigs. 

Mark H
Guitar & Keyboards

Mark was selected purely for his ability to turn up to an audition more or less on time. Afraid of cameras, audiences and razors he's primarily a nocturnal beast. Happiest when he has a gadget, he has more kit than Michael Knight and is forever on the lookout for the perfect sound.


Dr. Groove as she’s known in the industry, Nicole is the newest member of the band.   Brought up on a diet of funky breaks and Shreddies, her mission is to rid the world of mundane beats and fill your soul with funky treats.  A step above your average drummer, she’s been known to count as far as eight.

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